Nail Sticker Design Trends in 2020

Nail art has been a trend in the fashion world for a couple of years. Innovation and advancement have brought the introduction of nail art stickers to be used in nail care.

There are lots of nail stickers you can find in stores these days. Not only are these nail stickers cute, but they are also very affordable and easy to use, with a simple method of application.  When you use nail art stickers that are already designed, it saves you more time. Nail art enthusiasts and lovers will trip for this. It saves you the stress of creating nail sticker designs freehand.

Nail stickers are also called Nail decals, nail wraps, and nail decor stickers. For every nail art sticker, there is a unique method of application. You can choose to apply the stickers on your hands without errors. But, doing nail art on your hand without assistance is often difficult.

What makes nail art stickers unique?

Nail stickers are among the latest nail industry trends, and they are always chic and classy. Not only is it fancy, but it is also affordable and gives a lovely look to your nails. There are lots of reasons why nail stickers are loved by many. One of such reasons is that this technique of nail enhancement is unique and very convenient to use.

Application of Nail Stickers

In nail care, nail art design are one of the easiest ways to beautify your nails and spice up their look. However, if you don’t, if they are not done well, it won’t last. Nail stickers can last as long as three weeks with the right procedure. You’ll find some of these tips as you read on.

One essential tip to adhere to when using nail stickers is by preparing the nails for its application. This step should be done with adequate care because a rushed process does not yield excellent results. If not done correctly, it may peel or chip.

Next, apply a base or foundation on the nails. When applying the base, ensure you use a thin product and cover the nail’s whole surface. Apply the base close to the cuticle area and sidewalls, but be careful not to flood and cause lifting. Then cure for 30 seconds in LED or 2 minutes with UV.

Apply a structure but a bit thicker than that of the foundation, maybe two coats of polish. Then cure with LED or UV.

Wipe the nails using Alcohol or Acetone. To ensure proper adherence of the stickers, remove the tacky layer on your nails after curing. Wipe using a lint-free wipe, dip the cotton in alcohol or acetone and wipe thoroughly until the nails are matte and look dry.

Apply the stickers on the nail. When these stickers are on the nails, ensure the edges are flat. If it is not flat, the sticker will not seal well. Be attentive to your smaller nails, like the pinky finger or ring finger. They have more significant curves than other nails, and the stickers tend to lift due to this.

Next, seal the stickers using a gel polish coat over the whole nail to ensure the sticker is completely covered. Note that this coat should be thin but not too thin, especially the corners. Dab the brush over your nails with the stickers to make it stronger. Then cure for 2 minutes with LED. To prevent flooding, do two thin coats. Apply the polish, cure, apply another coat, then cure.

Apply a Topcoat on the sticker. Cure for about 30 seconds in LED or UV for about 2 minutes.

Wipe the nails using alcohol or acetone. The nail is smooth at this stage, and you should not feel the sticker when you run your hand in it. But if you feel a small sticker piece, apply a topcoat layer and touch the area in question. Now cure.

Apply nourishing cuticle oil on the nails. Voila! Your sticker art nails are ready.

Nail Sticker Designs

One exciting aspect of nail art is that you can find different design variations, including floral, metallic, animal, etc. There’s always something for you when you choose nail stickers for your nail enhancement. You can’t run out of options with nail art stickers. Changing from one design to another is easy, as you can easily remove the nail decals. To remove these stickers, apply light heat to your nails, then peel off the stickers from side to side. Use a polish remover to rub any residue of adhesive from your nails.

Many nail sticker designs are available, and these designs could be used even on the most straightforward French manicure and other nail types. Some of these nail stickers include: 

  • Plain sticker with adhesive backing
  • Lace nail art stickers
  • 3D nail stickers
  • Fimo nail stickers
  • Metal nail art stickers
  • Acrylic nail art stickers
  • 3D silica gel stickers and lots more. 


Nail art stickers are easy to use and remove with no damage to your nails. If you’re a newbie to nail care, this nail enhancement option will do great for you. What are you waiting for to try out one of these and look fabulous? Get started on nail stickers.