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Best Gel Nail Polish You Should Try out Today

Gel nail polishes are particular types of nail care essentials; it is an innovation that has won many women’s hearts. They are a type of nail polish that mostly requires UV light to cure. Gel polishes are also called gel effect nail polishes because they are bold and they look gelly.

Many people realized that UV light is harmful to the nails, but gel polishes need something to cure them after application; this is why nail technologists took the initiative to develop LED lights to cure gel polishes. But not all gel polishes require UV or LED lights to cure.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is one of the latest developments in the mail care industry, and many people are diverting towards it because of its advantages. Some of the benefits are:

It is not compulsory to use the lamp to cure after application

You do not need to bluff your nails before application

Buying additional products is only optional

It is relatively affordable

Best Gel Nail Polish

Since its first production in the nail care industry, virtually all nail care product manufacturers have leaned in on the production of nail gel polish. Some of the best gel nail polishes in the market are below:

CND Vinylux

CND is one of the leading nail care brands in the world. They are the popular shellac gel nail polish manufacturer, one of the first sets of gel nail polishes to be manufactured. The CND Vinylux is another gel nail polish that is similar to the shellac. Vinylux gel nail polishes are best used after applying a shellac manicure for touch-ups when the shellac chips off; this is not to say that you cannot use the Vinylux gel nail polish for a proper gel manicure.

The polish does not need a base coat, but it has a topcoat, and you do not need to apply primers or buff your nails before using it.

Also, you can remove Vinylux gel nail polish easily just by using acetone polish remover; the nail polish gets more potent on the nail the longer you wear it, but it is still easy to remove.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen is a household name when we talk of nail care products. The miracle gel by Sally Hansen is a top choice for many gel nail customers. This polish is famous for its durability; you can wear it for more than a week. It is a non-toxic nail because it is vegan-based.

Miracle gel is another gel nail polish that does not need a UV or LED light to cure; the gel would shrink when placed under an LED light. The gel dries minutes after the application, and it gets harder on the nails with exposure to sunlight.

To apply this gel nail polish, you need two layers of your preferred color before applying the topcoat, and it does not require a base coat.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy

Revlon is also widely known around the globe for its excellent nail products. The company was established in 1932 when it made all sorts of beauty products like hair and skin products. They have also been manufacturing nail care products from their early years, which gives them a vast experience in the nail care industry.

Currently, Revlon has acquired the CND brand. The ColorStay Gel Envy is one of their best gel products, and it is a two-step application product. The base coat and the gel polish are made together in a bottle, with the topcoat in another bottle. This gel product also does not need a UV light to cure.

The gel polish is affordable because you can choose only to use the color without the top coat. And the polish comes in up to 15 different colors that would look fantastic on your nails.

Eternal Gel


Eternal Cosmetic is a fast-growing nail care brand and one of the companies that manufactured trusted gel nail polishes.

The eternal gel polish comes in 12 fantastic gel nail polish colors, and it also does not require a LED light to cure. This gel polish also uses a two-step application process and is sure to last more than a week.

OPI Infinite Shine

OPI is a top list name in the list of nail care product manufacturers, and they are also generally regarded as one of the best gel nail polish manufacturers. The Infinite Shine is one of their best gel products that uses a formula that lasts for almost two weeks. It uses a 3 step application process and does not need a light to cure after the application.


Gel nail polishes are taking over the nail care industry because they give different results from regular lacquers. The companies that manufacture gel nail polishes have made it easier for their customers by manufacturing gel nail polish kit. The products above are some of the best gel polish sets in the market.