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8 Beautiful OPI Gel Colors You Would Love to Experiment with in Summer

Nail polish is a beautiful endowment, but it also allows you to experiment a lot. The spring season is going to end very soon. With the summer months approaching fast, you would love to go for a change in your nail polish colors.

When it comes to choosing the perfect gel colors for summer, there are strictly no rules. You can go for any color you like, but it should suit your skin tone. In that way, it enhances your beauty. For example, if your skin has a dark tone, the bright citrus shades should be superb. The jewel tones and berry red look resplendent on fair skin.

Whichever color you choose, it is better to go for the best in the business. You can buy OPI gel nail polish online and have a great time experimenting with different color shades this summer.

Here is a compilation that should help you in this regard.

Top 8 OPI Gel Colors for Summer

Bring out the artist in you with the lavender shade

White nail polish is beautiful. However, you are living in the experimentation age. Therefore, it should be wonderful to try out the palest lavender shades available online. You can make the right choice when you buy OPI gel color. It will give you a beautiful twist to the classic summer polish hue. It allows you to bring out the artist from within you and exhibit your skills on social media.

Dusty blue shades to match your summer outfits

The summer season can get dusty with stormy winds, especially during the latter half of the season. It will necessitate you to bring the dusty blue shades out into the open and match your summer outfits. The best part of this color is that a couple of coats can give you the perfect salon-like finish. This gel color exhibits excellent consistency and is more dimensional than a crème finish.

Red hot nail color to suit the red-hot summer

Generally, you associate the color red with fire, signifying heat. Summer months can get unbearably hot. Instead of complaining about the heat, it would be a superb idea to gel with nature. Having a classic rouge nail polish on your nails is the perfect way to exhibit solidarity with nature. Besides, the red shades are flattering colors. They can prove to be the best combinations when you select OPI gel colors for summer.

Citrus yellow should remind you of the tangy taste

The hot summer is the time when you consume fruit juices in plenty. Now, citrus juices are refreshing, and everyone loves them, as well. There was a time when neon yellow shades were ruling the fashion world. Today, you have innumerable citrus shades that offer excellent competition and remind you of the relaxing summer afternoons. If you have a dusky skin tone, these citrus shades should be the perfect icing on the cake.

Green symbolizes energy

You have an astounding range of colors on display when you sit down to buy OPI gel nail polish online. Summer months can drain you of all energy, with sweat flowing out of your body continuously. You have refreshing energy drinks to revitalize your body. Similarly, the green pastel shades symbolize energy. They signify life, growth, renewal, and peace. Wear it proudly on your nails and show to the world that you have not lost any energy despite the oppressive summer heat.

The vacation mood forces you to bring out the orange hues

With the onset of summer, you get into the vacation mood. Your visits to the beach and parks become frequent. It is also the ideal time to go out on romantic dinners by the poolside. The flashy orange colors should be the perfect companion as they can be bright enough to garner your loved one’s undivided attention.

Color-changing nail polish is becoming a new trend

As we said before, we are in the experimentation era. It is great fun to explore temperature-reactive color-changing polish. During the pandemic, you keep washing your hands frequently with hot or cold water. Wearing the color-changing nail polish on your nails is exciting as you can watch the colors change according to the temperature and your moods. Is that not something you should look forward to enjoying?

Colors that your loved one would love to kiss

When you buy OPI gel color, they smell sweet, especially the peach cream foundations. Wearing such a fragrant hue on your nails can entice your loved one to keep kissing your hands forever. That should be highly romantic, isn’t it? Would you like to miss the heavenly feeling?


Every season should bring out the best in you. These OPI for summer that we have discussed above can keep you enthralled and yearning for more. With the summer months not yet in full flow, it is right time you tried out any of these combos.