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Red Flags to Beware of in Beauty Products

Beauty can be an expensive problem, especially if you fail to take precautionary measures when shopping for cosmetic products. From hair conditioners, skin toners to bathing soaps and gels, today’s cosmetic world is a jack of all trades. For someone who has been using home remedies for hair care, putting money on a commercial product is often a big challenge. You will be debating upon many things, all of which look impressive.

Take for example, someone shopping on online retail stores, it can be difficult making a distinction between competing hair growth devices. Thus, a question many often ask is what are the features to look for in a laser hair growth machine? Do they have side effects? How much should I spend? Usually, the questions are endless.

This post walks through red flags to be ware of when buying hair care products, so take a look further for insights.

Artificial Colors

For starters, beauty products can be rather addictive. But, are you putting your money on the best? Well, synthetic colors have become common addictions in today’s body care products. For example, a look at some products labels would reveal writings such as D&C, F.

On further inquiries, you will discover that they are representative of artificial colors whose sources include tar, coal or any petroleum products. Even worse, they are derived from skin irritants such as human carcinogen, something that is heavily linked to health concerns such as ADHD in kids.


Anyone who uses over-the-counter cosmetics must have heard about parabens. They refer to preservatives used in manufacturing beauty and body care products to guard against growth of yeast, bacteria and yeast. However, investigations by various standardization agencies have unearthed unsettling findings regarding use of parabens.

A case in point is that they pose health risks such as cancer to users once absorbed into the skin. Biopsy tests from cancerous tumors in breasts have confirmed this worrying finding. From deodorants, bathing gels, face cleansers to shampoos, it is imperative to be on the lookout for parabens when shopping for beauty products.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an organic alcohol mostly found in skin conditioners, sunscreen, make-up, hair sprays and moisturizers. However, it is another red flag to beware of since it has been linked with dermatitis, a skin condition that causes irritation.

Sunscreen Chemicals to Avoid

It is impossible to avoid all toxic chemicals found in skin and hair care cosmetics. After all, every woman deserves the top night creams.  However, when you are informed regarding harmful sunscreen chemicals such as avobenzone, ethoxycinnmate, benzophenone, homosalate and PABA, you can always work out a formula of limiting exposure to most of them.