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Dipping Powder – Is the Dip Powder Manicure Safe?

Yes, it is, provided you take the necessary precautions. Read on to know more.

Women have been using gel or acrylic nail polish for more than 5,000 years now. There are recent innovations like dipping powder that have attracted many women to opt for it. The question, therefore, arises whether the dipping powder manicure is safe. We shall examine the same in this blog.

Before dwelling into the safety and precautionary aspects of using dipping powder, here is the dipping powder procedure in brief.

The Dipping Powder Procedure

  • Instead of using gel, acrylic, or similar liquid nail polish, a dip powder manicure uses a glue-type compound and pigmented powder that hardens on exposure.
  • The manicurist begins by applying a base coat of glue. The next step is dipping the nails into the dipping powder and dusting off the excess powder. A couple of dips might be necessary to get a perfect manicure.
  • The topcoat application completes the procedure.

The primary advantage of using dip powder is that it takes less time for drying. There is no exposure to UV rays that can harm the skin. However, one should take some precautions, and thus, should use quality products like SNS Dipping Powder to get optimum results.

Is there any harm in using dip powder?

The dipping powder manicure is an excellent product that saves time and is also healthy. Besides, it also adds strength to the nails. A range of beautiful color options like SNS nail colors is available to enhance the overall beauty.

At the same time, the manicurist should practice proper techniques. Most of them do, but reports show that dipping powder can spread viruses such as Herpes Whitlow. What happens is that you have dozens of clients dipping their fingers into the same dipping powder container. If one of them has bacterial infections, it could quickly spread to the others. If you have cuts or cracks around the cuticle, it increases the chances of contracting the virus.

The herpes whitlow looks like the regular sores and other herpes you generally observe in people. Initially, it looks like a water blister, but it develops into a scab later on. Though there is no specific cure for the condition, taking necessary precautions can help resolve the problem.

Precautions to observe

  • Sanitizing the nail is the first thing to do. Use quality sanitizers to clean your fingers and nails thoroughly. One should pay more attention to areas like the base of the nails and cuticles. If there are any cuts, one should not go for the nail polishing procedure at all.
  • Secondly, sanitizing the instruments like nail files and nail buff is critical. The place should be clean without any debris strewn all over.
  • One should use quality products like SNS dipping powder to ensure against contracting such diseases.
  • It is not an ideal idea for everyone to dip their fingers into the dipping powder container. A better alternative should be to remove the necessary quantity of dipping powder from the bottle and use it. One can throw away the residue. It can be comparatively expensive, but the process is a healthy one.
  • Alternatively, one can do the procedure at home. In that way, you ensure that you are the only person who dips fingers into the powder. Thus, there are no chances of third-party contamination.

We have seen the precautions one should take to prevent contracting diseases. Let us now discuss the merits of using dipping powder to beautify your nails.

  • More durable: Compared to gel or lacquer polish, the dip powder is more durable, as it adds a protective and non-porous layer to the nails. Thus, the nails do not break or chip off easily. It allows the natural nail to grow underneath.
  • Easy to remove: There is no scraping of the nail when removing the polish. Hence, it is a safer job. You can use a sanitized nail file to buff the nails and remove the shine. A cotton ball soaked in acetone placed directly over the nails for about 15 to 20 minutes can help remove the polish smoothly.
  • Wrapping the fingers in warm towels can accelerate the process considerably.
  • No drying time: Perhaps, the most significant benefit of using dipping powder is that it saves drying time. Gel polish takes a lot of time to dry, and can, therefore, become messy.
  • Color range: Dipping powders are now available in a variety of attractive colors. A brand like SNS nail colors can throw up hundreds of options.

Final thoughts

When you compare the benefits with the disadvantages, one can see that dipping powder is a better option. If you observe the necessary sanitizing procedures, there are virtually no demerits to using dipping powder. However, use quality products like SNS Dipping Powder to ensure a memorable nail manicure experience.