Dipping Powder – Is the Dip Powder Manicure Safe?

Yes, it is, provided you take the necessary precautions. Read on to know more.

Women have been using gel or acrylic nail polish for more than 5,000 years now. There are recent innovations like dipping powder that have attracted many women to opt for it. The question, therefore, arises whether the dipping powder manicure is safe. We shall examine the same in this blog.

Before dwelling into the safety and precautionary aspects of using dipping powder, here is the dipping powder procedure in brief.

The Dipping Powder Procedure

  • Instead of using gel, acrylic, or similar liquid nail polish, a dip powder manicure uses a glue-type compound and pigmented powder that hardens on exposure.
  • The manicurist begins by applying a base coat of glue. The next step is dipping the nails into the dipping powder and dusting off the excess powder. A couple of dips might be necessary to get a perfect manicure.
  • The topcoat application completes the procedure.

The primary advantage of using dip powder is that it takes less time for drying. There is no exposure to UV rays that can harm the skin. However, one should take some precautions, and thus, should use quality products like SNS Dipping Powder to get optimum results.

Is there any harm in using dip powder?

The dipping powder manicure is an excellent product that saves time and is also healthy. Besides, it also adds strength to the nails. A range of beautiful color options like SNS nail colors is available to enhance the overall beauty. Continue reading

Finding the Suitable Product for Softer Hair for Kids

Nothing in the world can be more challenging than finding the most suitable products for children. Being a parent, you surely don’t want to compromise with the quality of the baby products.

Each child has a different skin type, and it is always recommended to go for natural, chemical-free ingredients. First and foremost, make sure to look for baby shampoos that are clinically proven and tested by dermatologists. It’s best to opt for hypoallergenic and neutral pH balanced formulas that are gentle on tender baby skin. Promoting hair growth while preventing the scalp from allergies is one of the fundamental essentials for hair care shampoos.

Product for Softer Hair for Kids

Things To Consider Before Buying Any Product

One of the golden rules before purchasing any skin or hair care product is to know the skin type of your baby, whether he/she is suffering any medical condition. A patch test can detect any allergic reaction and indicate signs of irritation. It is better to observe the symptoms before going in full swing with an unknown product.

We all know about the mild, no more tear formulas, which are advisable for every child. But sometimes it’s necessary to look for specific ingredients in the formula for added benefits. Your baby might get that extra touch of care to fight skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.

Eczema results in skin inflammation and irritation that causes a lot of discomfort for the baby. Pick up any of the shampoos, washes for eczema in the market. Ingredients like shea butter, pro-vitamin B5, and chamomile helps in relieving and improving the symptoms of eczema. Continue reading

Last Minute Nail Design Ideas using OPI Products for Christmas Season

With few more days before the holidays, Christmas rush can be felt everywhere and with all those shopping, meeting, parties and get-together finding the time to get your nails done can be impossible. But as important it is to meet your friends and loved-ones this time of the year, it is also important that we look presentable to them. And while you give too much important on your ensembles, your manicure is just as important to complete that yuletide feel. Who wouldn’t want to be as festive as the Christmas tree? Here are some of the nail designs idea that you can try this holidays using OPI dip nails.

Snow Flakes on Red Nails

Do you like wearing red nails? Well, don’t we all? There is something about red nails that spells nothing but class and elegance and if you are thinking of a new way to beautify your red nails you can use this design. Using OPI N25 Big Apple Red as base nail then draw snowflake using a white nail polish and you’ll be surprised to see how magical duo is. If you are not sure about drawing a snowflake, there are several tutorials online. These nails will surely pop up against your Christmas wardrobe.

Negative Space Nail Design

It may be new to you but negative space nail art has been flooding the newsfeed lately.This technique shows an exposure of the nude nail within the nail art so basically there is no right or wrong way to do it. There are actually plenty of ways to do it but for this season you can start with a green glitter like OPI W53 CIA = Color is Awesome. Continue reading

Red Flags to Beware of in Beauty Products

Beauty can be an expensive problem, especially if you fail to take precautionary measures when shopping for cosmetic products. From hair conditioners, skin toners to bathing soaps and gels, today’s cosmetic world is a jack of all trades. For someone who has been using home remedies for hair care, putting money on a commercial product is often a big challenge. You will be debating upon many things, all of which look impressive.

Laser Hair Growth Devices


Take for example, someone shopping on online retail stores, it can be difficult making a distinction between competing hair growth devices. Thus, a question many often ask is what are the features to look for in a laser hair growth machine? Do they have side effects? How much should I spend? Usually, the questions are endless.

This post walks through red flags to be ware of when buying hair care products, so take a look further for insights.

Continue reading

Beauty Tips

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What is Amino – Acid Thermal Treatment?

It is a formaldehyde free, state of the art amino-acid infused Thermal Reconditioning System that goes beyond strength to strengthen, stretch and smooth, frizzy, naturally curl, multi textured, transitioning and chemically treated hair. This system provides style versatility, manageability, and longevity. 

Why should I get a steam hydration treatment?

  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Helps remove dandruff
  • Softens natural hair
  • Stops dryness, breakage, and split ends
  • Hydrates dry and brittle hair
  • Opens up the follicles in the scalp to help hair grow faster
  • Restores moisture 5 times than normal conditioning processes

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