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Last Minute Nail Design Ideas using OPI Products for Christmas Season

With few more days before the holidays, Christmas rush can be felt everywhere and with all those shopping, meeting, parties and get-together finding the time to get your nails done can be impossible. But as important it is to meet your friends and loved-ones this time of the year, it is also important that we look presentable to them. And while you give too much important on your ensembles, your manicure is just as important to complete that yuletide feel. Who wouldn’t want to be as festive as the Christmas tree? Here are some of the nail designs idea that you can try this holidays using OPI dip nails.

Snow Flakes on Red Nails

Do you like wearing red nails? Well, don’t we all? There is something about red nails that spells nothing but class and elegance and if you are thinking of a new way to beautify your red nails you can use this design. Using OPI N25 Big Apple Red as base nail then draw snowflake using a white nail polish and you’ll be surprised to see how magical duo is. If you are not sure about drawing a snowflake, there are several tutorials online. These nails will surely pop up against your Christmas wardrobe.

Negative Space Nail Design

It may be new to you but negative space nail art has been flooding the newsfeed lately.This technique shows an exposure of the nude nail within the nail art so basically there is no right or wrong way to do it. There are actually plenty of ways to do it but for this season you can start with a green glitter like OPI W53 CIA = Color is Awesome. Actually this would look amazing with any glitter polish but green is perfect for the festive holiday. This looks very sophisticated and will go with any outfit this season.

Christmas French Manicure

No, you don’t need to give up your classic French manicure for the holiday spirit. Just do your French manicure like you always do and add a mistletoe sticker on the corner of each nail and you’re Christmas ready in an instant. This looks very unique and for sure everyone will be talking about your nails the entire time.

Twinkling Gold

Holiday seasons will not be complete without the glitz and glamour and this is also the best time to wear a sparkling gold nails. In this design, you don’t have to be all sparkly. Using OPI dipping powder V28 Tiramisu For Two as base then the half-moon glitters at the cuticle will complete the minimal but festive look that you want. You can also use the same materials for French manicure but either way, you will get incredible results.

Green and Gold

There is something about green that we cannot resist this holiday season and with tons of ideas to try you’ll never ran out of reason to shine this season. Partially covering the nail, create a curve on the side using W54 STAY OFF THE LAWN! Then finish it off with a wavy wave of shimmering gold to make your nails appear like a beautifully wrapped tiny gifts. This might look complicated but it is very easy to do and looks very timely for the season.

Christmas Tree Dream

If you like to DIY your nail, here’s an easy nail design idea for Christmas. Using OPI L00 Alpine Snow as base then if you have extra DND gel polishes of green, red and yellow shade then draw a Christmas tree as an accent nail. If you are feeling a bit edgy, you can add some rhinestones and gold gems for the extra ornaments and glitz and you’re ready to celebrate the Christmas season, mind you a lot of people might be asking you so be prepared to come up with an answer as this nail art is surely a hit for the party.

Shimmering Champagne

Everyone surely enjoys drinking champagne this season and extending it on your nail is not a bad idea afteall. Let your finger shine while holding your champagne glass with OPI S86 Bubble Bath. This may look simple but it is surely stunning