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Finding the Suitable Product for Softer Hair for Kids

Nothing in the world can be more challenging than finding the most suitable products for children. Being a parent, you surely don’t want to compromise with the quality of the baby products.

Each child has a different skin type, and it is always recommended to go for natural, chemical-free ingredients. First and foremost, make sure to look for baby shampoos that are clinically proven and tested by dermatologists. It’s best to opt for hypoallergenic and neutral pH balanced formulas that are gentle on tender baby skin. Promoting hair growth while preventing the scalp from allergies is one of the fundamental essentials for hair care shampoos.

Things To Consider Before Buying Any Product

One of the golden rules before purchasing any skin or hair care product is to know the skin type of your baby, whether he/she is suffering any medical condition. A patch test can detect any allergic reaction and indicate signs of irritation. It is better to observe the symptoms before going in full swing with an unknown product.

We all know about the mild, no more tear formulas, which are advisable for every child. But sometimes it’s necessary to look for specific ingredients in the formula for added benefits. Your baby might get that extra touch of care to fight skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.

Eczema results in skin inflammation and irritation that causes a lot of discomfort for the baby. Pick up any of the shampoos, washes for eczema in the market. Ingredients like shea butter, pro-vitamin B5, and chamomile helps in relieving and improving the symptoms of eczema.

Moisturizing agents such as oatmeal and aloe also alleviates itching and dry skin. Kids are always a fan of foamy bubble baths, so look for products which creates a lot of lather and is gentle & nourishing at the same time. Companies are now specifically manufacturing shampoos to provide the bubble bath for kids.

Ingredients To Avoid

Firstly, hold back on the regular usage of shampoo on infants and toddlers. Always remember less is more, you don’t have to use a ton. Now coming to the ingredients, shampoos containing chemicals like phthalates, paraben,  1-4 dioxane can be extremely harsh for a baby’s delicate skin.

Undiluted essential oils and artificial fragrance must be avoided, especially for children under six months of age. Pay close attention to the scent of the shampoo you choose to get your child to enjoy bath time. Refrain using shampoos, which has the presence of a foaming agent commonly known as SLS (Sodium Laureth, sodium lauryl sulfate) as it has shown irritation symptoms in babies as well as adults.

Added Information

  • Make sure the shampoo is age-appropriate. There is an array of hair and body cleaning products in the market for varying ages.
  • A child who has beautiful hair might require a different shampoo than one who has coarse hair. Always know your child’s requirements and hair/skin type.
  • Packaging of the container is fascinating for every kid. Choose one that has a fun bottle they can play with during bath time.
  • Nowadays, there are so many cruelty-free, vegan, and herbal options in the market. Although it can get a little expensive in the price end, there is no chance of toxic chemicals causing irritation or other issues.

Your child’s hair and scalp are incredibly delicate compared to an adult. The embryonic stage of this hair is prone to easy damage, and it’s vital to use the correct product to treat hair issues. When you are willing to put an effort in providing the right nutrition for your kid’s well being, then why not invest in the best shampoo for their hair care so that they can grow up with a mane as healthy as the bond you two share.